School Boundaries

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Begin at 7800 S. and the bluff near Chalet Road; east along 7800 S. (south side) to 2300 East; North along

2300 E. (east side) to 7600 South (Bengal Blvd.); East along 7600 S. (south side);

Continuing along Bengal Blvd. (south side) to approximately 2915 East; North at 2915 East and along Stone Road

(both sides) to approximately 7500 South; East along 7500 S. (south side) to the East County Line; South along the

East County Line (west side) to 9100 South; West on 9100 South (north side) to North Fork Little Cottonwood Road;

Northwest along North Fork Little Cottonwood Road (east side) to approximately 8900 South; West at 8900 South (north side)

to Danish Road; North along Danish Road (east side) to Creek Road; West along Creek Road (north side) to 2800 East;

Northwest along Chalet Cir. to Chalet Road (north side); Continuing along Chalet Road (north side) to the bluff at 7800 South.Canyon-View-Map