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A Letter of Appreciation

Hello Parents and Guardians of Students at Canyon View Elementary,

This afternoon I wanted to send a personal message to express my appreciation for the care our community showed today for the safety of the students at Canyon View Elementary. While the day started just like any other, our students and teachers were asked to change course in rapid fashion and follow our emergency evacuation plans. They did a wonderful job following their teacher’s instructions, staying with the rest of the class, and gathering in safe spots on the playground while emergency crews were called in to inspect a suspected natural-gas leak outside of the building.

When it was determined that it would take a significant amount of time to investigate the cause of the leak we transported the children via school bus to nearby Butler Middle where the children could be picked up by an approved adult. I want to thank all the parents for your cooperation and patience as we worked through the check-out process. I hope you could see that we went to great lengths to ensure that every child was released into the care of a responsible adult who could show us proper identification. As of about 1 p.m., all of our students had been released into the custody of their parents, guardian, or an approved adult.

If your children have not told you already, as they waited to be picked up, they watched “Monsters, Inc.,” on a theater-sized screen in the auditorium and munched on pizza that had been prepared by the middle school’s nutrition service workers. They loved it! It seemed more like a school party than a response to an emergency situation. 

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November 2019 Canyon View Cub Chronicle

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”

Woodrow Wilson

Hello Canyon View Families & Friends,

There has been a lot to celebrate the last two weeks at Canyon View. We had a splendid World Kindness Day where students and staff went out of their way to show extra thoughtfulness. The effects of that day have lingered as we continue to be more intentional in how we treat others. See our Canyon View Facebook page for some examples of the friendship:

We also celebrated our students who participated in the PTA Reflections contest. The theme “Look Within” inspired students to design and share in very creative ways, which was celebrated in a school-wide assembly.                      

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