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Safe Walking Routes

The school Safety Act passed by the 1992 legislature outlined that each school form a safety committee which would establish safe walking routes to the school.  The map outlines suggested safe walking routes within the Canyon View Elementary boundaries.

New in 2019 – 2020: Areas previously identified as “hazardous walking routes” were provided busing for students. Improvements made to walkways or roads, or the addition of crosswalks and crossing guards have led to the removal of routes from the “hazardous route” list for the 2019 – 2020 school year. If you have questions, please contact Floyd Stensrud, Canyons School District’s Director of Planning and Enrollment, at 801-826-5180 or floyd.stensrud@canyonsdistrict.org

Parents are encouraged to walk the suggested route with their children.

Please note the following

  • All students walking to school walk toward 7800 S. (Bengal Blvd.) using neighborhood sidewalks.
  • Children crossing 3500 East should cross from the east and north using the assistance of the crossing guard located at the 4 way stop area.
  • Students North of 7800 South who enter directly on 7800 South need to proceed to the crossing guard in front of the school.
  • Students South of 7800 South should travel along the south sidewalks until they can enter the school grounds.
  • Students entering the school grounds in the back of the school (South) must use the sidewalks provided.
  • Children need to use the attached map to locate the safest route to walk to the school.
  • Children walking to and from school should follow all traffic and safety rules using sidewalks and crosswalks where indicated.
  • Children crossing Bengal Boulevard from the north side of the school boundaries should cross the street with the assistance of a crossing guard.
  • Children should use the sidewalks in their neighborhood when walking to and from the school.
  • Students who live in the Stone and Short Hills area and Deer Creek Circle, south of Canyon View, need to use the crosswalk indicated, to cross Creek Road.  Also, these students need to be aware that they must use caution when crossing the street in this area because there is no crossing guard present.
  • Students who are in the busing areas should move safely to their bus stop and wait for the bus, staying out of the roadway.


The following suggestions will also help facilitate safety and orderliness:

  1. Encourage students to walk whenever possible.
  2. Carpool and use the west parking lot when dropping off and picking up students.
  3. Buses, Day Care buses or vans need to use the parking lot in front of the school for pick up and drop off.
  4. Remind students that they are not to cut through the parking lots, but need to use crosswalks and sidewalks.
  5. When riding a bike to school, students need to walk their bikes when entering the school grounds and crossing at the sidewalks.
  6. Remind students that roller blades and skateboards are prohibited on the school grounds.
  7. Students need to remember to go straight home and check in with a family member after school has ended.
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