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PTA Fundraiser

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Canyon View's Math-A-Thon

The Math-A-Thon is our fundraiser this year for the PTA. It is the only fundraiser that pays for your child's field trips, classroom supplies, reading and art programs, and education nights. Try to give at least something - $20, $30, $50 or more per student. If your student is one of the top fundraisers, they could win one of these awesome prizes.


Ipod Touch


Skateboard, Headphones, Wii games ......

100% of the money goes to Canyon View (unlike other company fundraisers such as cookie dough.) Remember to get your pledges collected form neighbors and family or just simply make a flat donation with our PayPal account featured on this home page (click the Donate Button). 


Step 1 Beginning Friday, September 12th, students have one week to raise pledges and study for the test. A list of math problems will be sent home this day to study.

Step 2 Math test will be given Thursday, September 18th. (This is a regular paper and pencil test). Tests will be graded and sent home the same day they are taken and you can begin collecting your pledge money. You've only got 1 week, so utilize the weekend! If you will be absent, let the teacher know so you can take the test ahead of time.

Step 3 The math test needs to be placed in the pledge envelope for collections. For example, if an adult pledges $1.00 per math problem and your student gets 10 problems correct, your child earned $10.00. Please write down pledges and any online pledges through PayPal on the front of your envelope.

Step 4 Envelope and collections need to be back at school by 9AM, Thursday, September 25th to be eligible for a grand prize. Envelopes returned after this time will still be accepted, but only participation prizes will be awarded.

Step 5 Prizes will be distributed Friday, September 26th during school and you could be the new owner of an iPad. Top winners, in order of amount raised, will have first selection of prizes. Participation prizes will be given to ALL students who return and envelope to school whether money is collected or not. If you donate more, you child will receive extra prizes $20-Dazzling Glitter Crayon Pen, $30 Hairy Monster Ball Glitter Pen.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors: Cottonwood Cyclery, Walmart, Sundance, Costco, Target, Little Caesars, Powder House Ski Shop, Blue Lemon, TOGOS, Dairy Keen


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Thanks "Dudes" 
A very special thanks to the "dudes" who participated on Friday. It is so great to have so many heros take time out for children.
Remember to save those box tops and bring them in.
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New School Schedule

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schedule 1Starting this fall, all elementary schools in Canyons District will adopt a new schedule that is designed to help each individual child achieve academic success. The new schedule establishes consistent daily instructional time five days per week and redistributes time in the regular workday for teachers to plan individually and in teams so that they can give special attention to each child's achievement. While the new elementary schedule calls for full days (6 hours and 30 minutes) of instruction Monday through Friday, it doesn’t do away with early-out Fridays altogether.  Seven early-out Fridays have been planned to give teachers time for professional development. Those early-out days will be Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Dec. 5, Jan. 30, Feb. 20, March 27, and April 24.